Trac received his Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from the prestigious Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. His double majors of Architectural Drafting and Interior Design prepared him well for his accelerated presence in the design industry. The Columbus College of Art and Design is certified by the Fider, N.A.S.A.D. and North Central Accreditation and is rated as one of the top 10 design institutions in the U.S.

Upon completing his education, Trac embarked on a challenging career of design projects ranging from exclusive properties in Newport Beach, California to Turks and Caicos. In his 23years of owning Associated Designs, Trac has also created a variety of commercial properties including private offices, public corridors and lobbies, restaurants, and private clubs.

Trac is one of the leading designers in Northeast Ohio, as well as in nine other states and in the U.K. His unique ability to quickly understand new environments, while applying his outstanding design skills has earned him several awards for excellence, design and customer service.

Among Trac’s strengths is his ability to understand client’s individual style and personality. His designs have included modern, contemporary, traditional, transitional, and true to period. Trac’s experience with a variety of projects and locations has been enhanced by his travels, continuous education, exposure to fashion around the world, and affiliation with ASID. Utilizing his training with the Munsel Color Series, Trac’s experience in color theory allows him to control, shape and dispense a color palette in any given environment. His design dexterity allows him to manipulate shape and form in traditional and experimental concepts for superior space planning.

Design Philosophy

Trac Alan Papish

Senior Designer and Principal
Associated Designs